Mental illness on rise due to coronavirus; Ikramuddin

People are suffering from mental illness due to corona virus.Ikram uddin

Prevention of coronavirus is possible by following precautions. Ikramuddin, the coordunator for Tehrik-e-Jawanan Pakistan Kashmir, said that the people around the globe are suffering from mental illness due to the coronavirus. This ecatastrophe spread rapidly around the world, affecting millions and killing more than three lac fifty thousand people globally. Sadly, corona virus is such a disease for which there is no cure. The cure for corona virus is possible only through prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran, but at the same time, the people need to take precautions. Ikramuddin, Coordinator for kashmir Diplomatic Relations and Tehrik-e-Jawanan Pakistan said in a press statement with the international Global times media Europe that “Prevention of the corona virus is possible by staying at home and following government measures. At this time, we all need to follow government measures so that people across the country can get rid of the corona virus”, He said, May Allah bless the people with perfect health and may Allah bless those who died from the corona virus and grant them a high position in Paradise and may Allah forgive the deceased. Amen.