Misunderstanding Islam

Letter to The Editor,

No any religion in the world encourages violence, injustice and hatred against the existence of diverse culture and civilization. Similarly, Islam is one of the fast disseminating religion which always imparts the teachings of love and peace. Islam is the only religion that uplifts the standard of humanity and ensures equality. Unfortunately, the present world depicts the poor image of Islam. From pre 9/11 to post 9/11 Islam has been blamed for destruction and cropping up terror mindset in the world. But the fact is that terrorism knows no religion. Recently, Islam declared extreme religion for ceasing the construction of Hindu temple in Islamabad. Pakistan was created as Islamic state and it is impermissible in Islamic state to build a temple by the tolls of Muslims.Now from across the world, Turkey president, Tayyab Erdogon is being criticised for renovating Hagia Sophia as mosque within his territory. Islam is not as rigid as world consider. Spreading love, ensuring peace and curbing racism are the cordial principles of Islam.

Farooque Panhwar, Sukkur