Modi’s failed APC on Kashmir and emerging threats

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

The Modi-led regime’s bid to stage another drama failed miserably as the All Parties Conference with Kashmiri leaders who have a stamp of being pro-Indian also showed reservations on the steps taken by the government to repeal the Articles 370 and 35A. The two articles protect Kashmir’s special constitutional status. The conference had all the pro-Indian leaders minus the Hurriyat stalwarts who are mostly under state’s vigil.

The Modi regime invitation included former Chief Ministers of Occupied Kashmir Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, GhulamNabi Azad and Mehbooba Mufti as notables while Hurriyat leadership who demands independence from India was completely ousted.

Indian forces have made Kashmiris under siege for nearly two years and everyday in the occupied valley is like a black day. The communication lines are severed off and news appear in bits and piece and not all is told.

Every day the youth in the Occupied valley is shot at either killed or arrested on one pretext or the other and the rape cases in the valley are also on the rise.

Modi regime in order to change the demography of the area has issued nearly 5 million domiciles to outsiders and it is believed the Israeli model in which the new settlers storm the old residents with meticulous planning and razed their houses.
The world has seen this in Palestine and Al Aqsa Mosque is the latest example of how the modus operandi gets in place.
The videos from Gaza are horrifying and the Modi regime acted very smartly and it is been two years there is no internet service in the valley.

The news are next to nothing and whatever comes out gives out the nefarious designs of the regime which is only pro-Hindu and extremely hostile towards its other communities.

The massacres in Gujarat and Ahmedabad are not forgotten by Muslims, the Sikhs have their Golden Temple, and their top leadership gunned down by the Hindus and Dalits the lowest of the cast in the Hindu system have also an uprising brewing. All these things have made the Modi regime come out with eye washing tactics which have been exposed and branded as hoaxes to mold international opinion.

The reports by the Christian Missionaries and particularly their churches, which have been burnt by the Hindu extremists have made the world focus at the Modi regime which currently has its hand full in number of human rights abuses.

The Indian oppression towards its subjects after independence has been very systematic and the Modi regime is the culmination of the thought which is based on one phenomenon that if you live in Hindustan as a Hindu and you have rights depending upon your social ranking and status as per the cast system.

The other communities simply have one option either to be Hindus and merge with the flow or maintain their separate identity and face the backlash of extremist Hindus which can take your life and belongings at the same time.

The writer is special correspondent at the ‘The Dayspring’