Mysterious Disease in India

Letter to The Editor,

An unidentified disease is spreading in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh that is one of the worst Covid-19 hit states with over 800,000 Covid positive cases. The first case of this mystery illness was detected on Saturday evening. According to the Indian government officials, the disease has hospitalized at least 400 people and killed one till now. The person who died of the disease was a 45 years old man. The patients of this disease are experiencing symptoms ranging from nauseas, anxiety, vomiting, headache, seizures and loss of consciousness. Harsh Vardhan, India’s health minister said all the patients of this disease have been tested negative for coronavirus and their blood test did not find any evidence of a viral infection. The government officials also said that the illness has not yet spread from one person to another but also found in the people living in the other areas. The Indian government has sent a team of medical experts to investigate. One of the team members, Doctor Sn Sinha told in an interview that they have collected more than 70 blood samples, 70 food samples, water, milk and oil samples for analysis and that they would only be able to conclude and find the reason behind the disease after analysing. He further said that the team is suspecting that it could be metal toxicity and pesticide toxicity.

Maryam Khan, Islamabad