Not being sexist

Areeba Tayyab

By: Areeba Tayyab

A few days back, while walking in my posh neighborhood after almost 5 years, I came across a group of laborers who were having free time at the corner of their construction venue. Although covered with Dupata, as I came across them, they started hooting as if hounds left out of their cage. This took me to reminiscence about my experience as a student at Lahore College when cars use to stop and hoot at girls in a similar way. With the introduction of Dolphins, the street crime might have decreased but why is eve teasing not still on their list? Who would understand the fact that eve-teasing is as trivial as it may seem, has caused a great deal of pressure on women?

Unfortunately in Pakistan, the problem of women and its possible solution lies in the hands of a male authority. It is true to a greater deal that we regard men perfect for this job and at the same time our men have proven to be protectors of their women for a great deal of time. But with the advancement and keeping up with modern times, the societal structures have definitely changed. Women are seen sitting alone at restaurants, traveling alone in Uber and Careem and most importantly working in their respective fields. In such circumstances, the alpha of the house cannot take care of the women who are out of the house for a longer period of the day. Declaring men irresponsible is not a solution but here the solution lies in womanhood itself.

This might seem as an understatement, but a woman can be a best representative of a woman. It is again not a sexist statement, but it is a universal fact. Just like a teacher can give better solution for improving education, a local politician best solutions for its locality, an IT expert about computer issues, in the same way women can highlight and understand the problems of women better. From minute problems to the major ones, women issues should be highlighted and resolved by women. Even when we talk about harassment, unfortunately, the Cyber harassment cells are filled with male officers. Not being sexist about their capabilities, but how women can open up about their problems to men who would take the case until the last stage? This is a major reason why culprits gets an edge because women tend to hide facts due to certain cultural restrains leaving the officers and even the courts confused.

A woman is meant to be loved not understood- an interesting idea given by Oscar Wilde but this is again male perspective of how he views women. On the flip-side, women also tend to think the same. This is not a war of sexes but about coexisting together with mutual benefits. Just as men are respected and accepted in all the realms and great professions of the world, there should be acceptance and hiring of female members as well. In all the legislatures, in all the crime branches, in all the perspective field, women should be given space with acceptance because whether we like it or not women are 52% of our population and the issues of the majority can be buried that easily by the minority of the males who are trying to resolve female issue from a male lens. Not to say that their opinion isn’t important but their solutions, as we have seen are not completely effective over the years.

It is true that our society and religion has some constrains but both do not prohibit women to intervene in the issues of women. At the peak of our Islamic time period, the problem of women were discussed amongst women first and then sent to the higher authorities for suggestion or action but we have forgotten those days. It is high time that we must understand the inculcation of women in all the departments of the state because they are representing a majority.  The government must take initiatives, where women should be given sections dealing with women problems. This is not just about NGOs and organizations now, but the government must elect female candidates generously so that they can intervene and adjust in the system and work for women in the best way.

The writer is an Mphil in English literature & can be reached at [email protected]