Oxademy Education UK signs MOU with PAGE to work for quality education in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to improve the quality of education, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) and a UK based award-winning EdTech and consultancy, Oxademy Education (OxEd).

While both organizations have agreed to work together on many programs to support Girls Education and leadership development in Pakistan, their prime focus is to improve the quality of education being delivered in the schools. Oxademy Education UK have provided their innovative online learning platform called ‘Brekkie Email’ to PAGE to support teachers across Pakistan. The MOU aims to build strategic partnerships to further develop the platform to provide support to Government teachers, ALIGHT’s Million Kids to School Program and Civil Society organizations with the management support of ALIGHT.

Unfortunately, Pakistan suffers from poor quality of education, according to ASER Report only 1 out of 5 students can read and write by the time they complete their primary education.  The platform will improve access to train teachers especially in rural areas and provide them the necessary tools to improve learning and understanding of the students. Both organisations have intent to establish amiable relationship to cooperate in a broad range of areas and to work together for their mutual benefit. Both the parties have agreed to help and support each other in bridging the gender gap that exists in education and develop collaborative activities to improve Teachers’ Training and enhance the quality of education in Pakistan.