Pakistan became first in South Asia to successfully test 5G

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has successfully tested 5G network in the country making it first in South Asia, and the service is expected to be available by early next year, The Dayspring has learnt through CMPak Limited.

CMPak Limited, popularly known as Zong, is a Pakistani mobile data network operator owned by China Mobile. It conducted 5G tests in the presence of senior government officials and telecom executives in Islamabad on Thursday. 

5G will unfold a new digital revolution in the country as the test has put Pakistan on the elite list of countries which have conducted the 5G trial successfully.

According to industry sources, 5G will be soon launched in Pakistan with a speed of 100 times than the current available.

The network will be 10 times faster than existing broadband connections available in the country. 5G home router’s speed has been recorded as four gigabytes per second with means that it can download 50gb of file in just two minutes.

The experts are of the view that the speed of the network will depend on the spectrum available to the operator. In July, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had requested applications for a license issuance.