Pakistan created with blood in its foundations

Refugees en route to Pakistan. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
By: Asem Mustafa

March 23, 1940 has pivotal role in creation of Pakistan and the day has great significance. The creation of Pakistan was a struggle that spanned over decades of efforts, which were drenched in blood. The Pakistan Resolution passed in 1940 at Minto Park, Lahore had thousands gathered backing the creation of Pakistan, which was envisioned by Allama Muhammad Iqbal and achieved by the efforts of founding father Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and associates. The untiring efforts by the founding fathers bore fruit in 1947 and on August 14, Pakistan emerged on the globe.

It was a fete, which had the world’s biggest and bloodiest migration and exact count is debatable but millions were displaced to move across the new borders and many didn’t survive to tell the tale.

The reasons were simple the religious intolerance of the Hindus and the connivance of the English who sided with the Hindus.Quaid achieved the dream and Muslims followed his call leaving everything behind. The unity, faith and discipline three golden principles of Quaid set the ball rolling for Pakistan. The great Quaid left this world for eternal adobe in 1948 and what followed hardly stayed on the direction set by him. The commitment, which paved the way in 1940, for the creation of the motherland was put aside with the military takeover by Field Marshal Ayub Khan and what followed after that, is what, Pakistanis breathe day in and day out. Corrupt rulers botched Pakistan globally. The Pakistan after the demise of great Quaid was hijacked by the electable patronized by the British before the partition of Sub-Continent. The fact at present with great sadness is that corrupt electable before partition have now their descendants ruling Pakistan. These very electable who formed All India Muslim League in the past failed miserably until Quaid took over its reins and then the same party made land sliding victory in the elections on the sole idea of the two nation theory.

Quaid with his indefatigable commitment worked day and night in pursuit of the dream, which was envisioned by great poet Allama Iqbal leading the way to Pakistan Resolution. The struggle spans over decades but real impetus and momentum came in 1940. The pursuit of Pakistan has millions of sacrifices in its foundations and the day reminds us not to forget the contributions of the forefathers who laid their lives for their surviving descendants. The history is blood churning and the current state of affairs in India is also blood tearing. The Illegally Occupied Indian Held Kashmir is a tale, which oozes out blood each day and that has been going on for over 70 years now.

The Muslims in India are faced with life threatening situation each day with fascist regime led by religious fanatic Modi at the helm of affairs. Quaid foresaw Pakistan as a welfare state and his speech encompass the dream, which to date stays as forlorn. Let us all join hands and build Pakistan what the great Iqbal envisioned and Quaid achieved. Pakistan Zindabad.