People-friendly approach can take Pakistan to new heights

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

The time is running out and the clock is ticking the promised relief amid promises from government is still awaited. A people-friendly approach to give relief to the masses who are hard pressed by the increasing price hike is needed.

The other example can be taken into account is the citrus produce: the oranges are sold per hundred from the orchard and when it reaches the consumer in the shop the dozen cost more than that of the hundred for which it is bought.

Efforts are there and are very encouraging but what is immediately needed and can turn around the fortunes for the nation lies in ground only ‘agriculture’ is the key and self-sufficiency in true later and spirit can be achieved.

The fuel prices added with gas has made people very apprehensive and the growing unrest in the common man is evident from the protests that have become a norm at the Constitution Avenue.

People have not forgotten the plume of tear gas that was witnessed during the protest of Secretariat low grade government officials.

The relief was announced and notification issued but it only covers the handfulwho stand next to nothing as compared to population which is all skinned to the bone.

Pakistan march to glory has this hurdle of debt that is raised to a humongous amount and it needs attention.The steps have been there and Prime Minister Imran Khan led government is doing the needful but these efforts still needs a check.

So much is wasted at the same time which government should consider and to start with is the increased price of the flour.

Food security added with right planning can generate a great deal of foreign exchange provided government should come forward and encourage farmers.

Subsidy in provision of quality seeds, fertilizers and soft loans can make this dream come true and Punjab that was once the food provider for entire subcontinent can take the role back again if and only if government wants that to happen.

Farmers sadly are faced with policies which doesn’t favor them as what is announced failed to materialize. Not all is available in the whole deal.

The big landlords and feudal thrive on taking the loans and getting them written off while the poor farmer comes on the street owing to non-payment of loans.

This should change the law that exists should rescue the poor farmer which is forced to sell its harvest to the rich landlord who pay pittance for his produce that contains his blood and sweat.

The nation blessed with all four weather has abundance of crops but it is wasted owing to poor planning. The wheat storage for instance has the sacks stored in the open and when it rains how much of the wheat is wasted and unaccounted for, leaves a figure that is stunning and it is never given accurately as the waste is a lot more what is put forward.

The official responsible is never taken to task and if for once these people who are responsible for this waste are made to pay for their negligence nothing will be wasted in Pakistan. This golden era did exist in Pakistan when cheats were non-existent and people were honest now with corruption seeping in the moral fabric, this waste is done deliberately as there is no check.

The prices of the daily commodities stand changed every other day as effective price control committees still lag behind in their performance to the optimum level. Government somehow or the other fails to understand that fuel, gas and electricity prices directly and indirectly hit the commoner and latest in the offing is the flour price which is now changed.

Government with all its welfare oriented projects and thoughts need to consider the poor man on the street who is hit every time with the changed prices which forces him to cut down on his food basket which grows little with each passing day.

United Nations in its reports, is left counting the difference all the times which is addition to existing poverty line which in the on the rise with each passing day.

So many reports are there which cover the poor and poverty stricken masses of ‘land of the pure’ in the international reports  which, leaves a very bad taste in mouth when drawing the comparisons as nothing appears good.

These shameful comparisons never give a relief to commoner who  is only  interested in the names of the crooks who looted the money on his name from international donors besides the feudal who make money on their hard labor.

The other example which can be taken into account is the citrus produce the oranges are sold per hundred from the orchard and when it reaches the consumer in the shop the dozen cost more than that of the hundred for which it is bought.

This difference in price and elimination of the middle man should be the government’s agenda to give relief to the farmer who can survive on his own if treated fairly.

Name and shame the crook is an unheard phenomenon in Pakistan as those who steal from the poor and from the national exchequer have lady luck riding with them and they end up as always forming alliances with the government and many a times form part of the government.

The government has many a individuals who are feudal land lords and industrialists with multiple businesses all serving the poor and needy of Pakistan and doing many a things for the poor besides sitting in the government.

Leaving their fudge figures aside from the asset declaration their life styles are no less than that of a pharaohs who were pioneers of ‘slave trade’.

This slavery should now end and it is hoped and believed Prime Minister Imran Khan will take steps in liberating the masses who look up to him for the promises he made decades ago and still awaited to be materialized.