PM IK all out to revive tourism

By: Asem Mustafa

Tourism is getting a revival in the country and Prime Minister Imran Khan is steering to build the positive image of Pakistan with a dynamic approach. The National Coordination Committee on Tourism was constituted on Wednesday according to information released from the Prime Minister office.

All the high level officials mostly secretaries from different ministries have been made members with the view to discuss the attainable goals and their progress every fortnightly.

The coronavirus pandemic halted all activities the world over and the tourism sector was worst hit as many a countries depend on the economic intake from the tourist influx.

Pakistan tourism season starts from April and continues till late August in the Northern Areas. Mountaineers from world over throng the region in quest of their dreams.  There are first ascents on the peaks, new world records, speed ascents and many other achievements which are mind boggling.

These tales of tenacity and human determination are a fete which only a few can achieve who have courage and above all the audacity to take risk.

A Japanese climber in the past who lost his child due to illness visited Pakistan many a times and this scribe asked him what brings you here every few years. The mountaineer replied, ‘I want to feel close to God.”

Such is grandeur of the mountains in Pakistan there are climbers who have visited Pakistan over 50 times and more to achieve fetes that were both inspiring and incredible.

The meeting chaired by the Prime Minister had the focus on making Pakistan a global touristic attraction.

A number of areas were discussed, the role of local administration, besides building the infrastructure to facilitate the tourists, were the major points of discussion.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Zulfi Bukhari will be the committee’s convener.

The National Coordination Committee on Tourism has a number of secretaries representing different ministries with a proposed vision of making Pakistan a global attraction.

The areas of tourist influx particularly the Northern Areas and the adjacent valleys where the local communities are dependent on the foreigners are worst hit due to pandemic.

The meeting stressed the need to upgrade this particular area which comes in direct contact with the foreign trekkers and climbers.

The need for upgrading the tourist attractions and required information was also highlighted as over the years many a things have become obsolete.

Pakistan blessed with majestic K-2 the world’s second highest peak with 8611 metres is an iconic image which is marketed the world over and shares a unique record.

The Everest, the world highest peak has been climbed by people numbering in thousands but on K-2 ‘the real challenge’ has been climbed by a few hundred.

The National Coordination Committee on Tourism is constituted by the Prime Minister and it is the first step in bolstering to reach the world with a soft image of Pakistan which has always been portrayed negatively by the western media.