PM IK leads from the front

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

All departments will be seen in action as Prime Minister Imran Khan himself head the investigation against the 700 Pakistanis who have been named in the Pandora Leaks.

The bold step taken by the PM Khan is viewed by the commoner as confidence-building measures as for years the big wigs in the country have evaded accountability despite being named in many scams, which to date remain pending.

Pandora Leaks have opened up a new chapter in the list of unsolved and delayed mysteries that has engulfed the national exchequer which has been robbed and ripped since long and Public Accounts Committee has these woeful details.
A clear strategy has been devised as the 700 named in the documents will be dealt with individually by the National Accountability Bureau, Federal Investigation Agency and Federal Board of Revenue.

Individuals who have been holding the public office will have their cases dealt by NAB and details will be made public after the investigations as the assets declared and unearthed in the Pandora Leaks matched or the case is otherwise. The corruption cases will be filed with the NAB if the assets declared are not matched. Similarly, the cases that deal with money laundering will be handled by the FIA.

Individuals that are not holding public office will face FBR over tax evasion. While all these details have been shared the most vital aspect is fixing responsibility and exemplary punishment is not yet disclosed.

The nation has been robbed and plunderers and looters of national wealth roam the country scot-free. The political parties namely Pakistan People’s Party has shown restraint and awaits the outcome of the investigation unlike Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz),which has asked for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

History is repeating itself that two political parties which have had successive terms unleashed an era of scandals which have their stalwarts facing courts even today. The nation has not forgotten the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’ wife donation of necklace which was conveniently slipped into PPP’s stalwart followed by another who faced rental power plant inquiry, Hajj and Employees Old Age Benefit Institution are to name a few.

Pakistan Muslim League in its tenure had megaprojects and their scandals are trumpeted day in and day out. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif evading courts left the country on the pretext of medical treatment and as expected has not set his foot back in Pakistan. Metro Bus Project, Motorway, Orange Train are to name a few where kickbacks amount in millions of dollars.
The two political parties have been at the helm of affairs for decades and the two made consensus on power-sharing formula with the undertaking that they will not open up corruption cases against one another.

Prime Minister Imran Khan won the election on the slogan of accountability and the nation awaits the fulfillment of the promise made.

Leading from the front requires sacrifice and the Pandora Leaks have names that are associated with the Prime Minister’s political party. The masses await how the Prime Minister opens up about his party members.

The writer is Special Correspondent at The Dayspring