PMDC an incompetent white elephant

PMDC building Islamabad. PHOTO: TD
By: Asem Mustafa Awan

They have spent a life time learning life-saving skills but the office that is made from their own money is failing miserably to facilitate them.

This is a national dilemma where incompetent individuals are hell bent to make life miserable for others who can make a difference in the lives of others.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council is one such office where these doctors spent hours in getting their validation done in the form of registration cards that have validity for two years due to changes in the PMDC rules. Doctors who are at the frontlines in the fight against the Coronavirus are not being facilitated by the government at such a crucial time. Hundreds of Doctors daily gather in front of PMDC Islamabad office to get their renewals, registration and other validations done, they have to wait for hours and hours under the direct sunlight.

A fee is charged by the PMDC office for issuance besides renewal of medical practitioner cards.

Sadly PMDC has been doing nothing to facilitate the doctors who have the task of looking after the patients and in the current pandemic their contribution in saving human lives has increased manifolds.

The lethargic and incompetent attitude of PMDC officials, have them (doctors) seen waiting outside in scorching heat besides there is no mechanism as how PMDC operates in facilitating its fellow members who comes from different cities and are seen wasting their precious time outside, due to PMDC staff.

The building is quite huge but sadly either it lacks space for the doctors who come to renew their registration or it has people who have made different offices in the space that was allocated for doctors.

It is a presumed that this building must have people dealing with doctors from different provinces and telling them the appointment dates as their documents will be verified in person and cards will be issued by hand/ or posted.

No such information was given to this scribe who asked a few doctors and they were as confused as PMDC which also has a case pending in court.

They leave the seat when they are asked to give an account six feet under the ground but the lives ruined on top of the ground well they are also rewarded in the life hereafter not in the present life that is current.

This scribe along with his older sibling went to PMDC and was shocked as how the staff behaved with doctors. There were no instructions as how the registration process works, what documents are needed and what if there is a delay what happens then.

PMDC charges for its registration but fails miserably in delivering what is required from it.

This is an established norm in all the offices they take away the money from clients but fail to deliver as the staff that is hired is as incompetent as the ones who hold the top posts in these offices.

The solution in getting the registration process was simple finding a connection and getting things done as right man for the right job is phenomenon non-existent in the ‘land of the pure’. 

There are always wrong people for the wrong jobs and countless examples exist in the prevailing system a small case for that matter can be the parliamentarians who have dual nationalities while they take an oath that their loyalty is with the ‘land of the pure’.