Political Game

Letter to The Editor,

Card players usually come across a peculiar type of ‘stubborn and obstinate player’ especially someone who is unwilling to accept his defeat. He will keep on insisting to reshuffle the cards during the game believing that something is wrong with them but forgets to realize that each reshuffling is limited to the same set of 52 cards. Still then reshuffling in a cards game proves slightly effective sometimes as there is an embedded luck element called probability of a favorable outcome, however, reshuffling of cabinet ministries brings no such hope. 

Imran Khan’s prior reshuffling of cabinet portfolios several times during a short period of two years since his incumbency has always met with constant failures. This indicates that the deck of cabinet portfolios is nothing more than an amalgam of corrupt, incompetent, irresponsible and inept ministries. Ergo it is the time to change the deck itself. Political parties while selecting their candidates should look for ideal capabilities required to deal with potential governance tasks, otherwise if you are appointing an arts graduate as a Minister of Science and Technology, what miracles do you expect from him? 

Raja Amin Afzal, Muzaffarabad AJK