Post Covid Depression is Real

Letter to The Editor,

Following the paradigm of covid-19 that has been with us since 2019. Many people who have been diagnosed with covid-19 are now experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms and loneliness. Moreover, more than 20% of covid patients who recovered were diagnosed with a mental illness after recovering.  In fact, after contacting with covid-19 it somehow says that isolation is safe but social isolation could lead to a rise to loneliness, where the survivors of covid-19 really don’t know the reason behind their sadness because they’re unable to figure it out. Although, the sadness comes out from nowhere and the person gets more depressed. It eats the person from inside and all of sudden the person becomes more depressed. Furthermore, the post- covid symptoms are worse than pre-COVID symptoms because post-COVID depression is real and it is not a joke and it is worse in Pakistan where people take depression as a joke. The government of Pakistan can hold seminars in order to spread awareness of post-covid depression, so the person suffering from this deadly thing can figure out and seek help.

Isra Abdul Qayyum Khan, Islamabad