Poverty: causes and cures

By: Ali Sajid lashari

There is no blinking at the fact that Pakistan is one of the  third-world countries of world. Large section of population lives in adverse circumstances. Some reports reveal that forty percent people live below the poverty line in Pakistan. They have not access to good food , quality education , standard treatment, pure water , lucrative jobs and list goes on. Most of the populace have not even two times  meal to have and  weatherproof roof to live under. They spend their whole life  on footpaths fighting with dog days plus cold days .In aftermath, this unfortunate condition has given birth to  millions of beggars and needy people who are compelled to live on charity of wealthy people.

Additionally, it’s  naked truth , one in three Pakistanis lives below the poverty brink. In accordance with statics, the hardest hit province is Baluchistan , its half of population is victim of abject poverty, 2nd is sind  with 33 percent, 3rd is kpk with 32 percent and Punjab  is suffering from 19 percent.
There are scores of causes behind burgeoning poverty of our beloved home country  but let’s highlight some major causes.

Our country is facing a population explosion. In majority, every couple has three to five children in urban areas and in rural areas, the condition is even worst; every villager has five to seven kids which has added much to poverty. More interestingly, there are fewer hands to work and more mouths to eat in most of the families. One works till his old age or last breaths then other member takes charge to earn bread and butter for his family. Therefore, the vicious cycle of poverty goes on. Poor remains poor in his whole life. Such kind of difference between population and resources has caused an increase in poverty.

The literacy rate in our country is very low. A large segment of our society is uneducated. And, those who are certified, majority of them is only degree holder nothing else. They are even very far from A, B, C of education. They are ignorant to the modern world, the world of technology, that’s why they are unable to use latest types of machinery to increase production in industries and factories thereby relying on out-moded machinery which causes less production and wastage of time and things.

Defacto, our  economy  system is based on feudalism. Landlords keep their farmers and workers under their political slavery. Same situation prevails in all provinces of Pakistan. Hence,Economic condition can not be better in the presence of feudal- lords.

Sad to say, Pakistan is a country where does not exist any sort of social, cultural, and economic justice. The rich people are becoming richer whereas poor are becoming poorer day in, day out.  There is Mega gulf between haves and have-nots. The people who are well- to- do, they consider the soil of their shoes to the people who are not healthy financially. Rich lives in bungalows, ride beautiful cars, send their children to costly schools and enjoy their life with comfort without any hindrance whereas poor public worry about two times meal.
Another cause which contributes much to poverty in Pakistan is the scarcity of jobs in the public and government sectors. Our politicians are not responsible, dedicated and missionary. They failed to build new dams, networks of industries and roads in the country. Shortage of gas and electricity resulted in the lock-up of mill and industries.in aftermath, uneducated section of society remains unemployed and educated individuals have degrees but don’t have opportunities to get a job.

To cure these causes, following measures must be adopted.

Pakistani rulers and landlords must discard their lavish way of living . they must feel the pains of their masses and make them feel that they are with them. Further, population explosion must be controlled through awareness of family planning.

New industries and factories should be built to provide jobs to uneducated people: small workers.
Education should be made compulsory for all individuals . it will help them earn more money through  their skills  in modern methods. As today is age of computer ,therefore , it has become sine qua non to learn. People of urban , semi urban and rural areas should be educated about computer.

Pakistan is enriched with natural resources. It is affluent in renewable and nonrenewable natural resources which is greater than that of oil-rich countries of the Gulf. It has second largest salt mines, second-largest coal reserves, fifth-largest copper and gold reserves, seventh wheat and rice production capacity but dismayed to state our state officials have failed to exploit these resources in boosting up the economy. Our economy can be one of the best economies of the world through the proper management of these resources.

To conclude, this poverty is not natural but man-made. We can eradicate it empowering and dispensing justice plus education to every individual or else we will have to encounter very dangerous consequences because ‘poverty is the parent of revolution and crime’.