Pre-Rapist Mindset

By: Ammar Yasir

Programming started in their early teens when they watched Bebo, Sheela ki Jawani in their own houses and their parents never noted that. Never chastised them for objectifying women.

It all started when they for the first time watched a pornographic film in their 6th grade, when one of his class fellows brought that pornographic film in his mobile phone secretly. They all watched rather ‘enjoyed’ that film, fearing to be raided by their teachers. But they got ‘lucky’.

After a year or two all the boys of the class brought their mobile phones and accessed porn websites on the go. Now everyone of them knows a bunch of websites, VPNs and hot pornstars. One more thing other than ‘pleasure’ these films gave these boys was sense of describing a girl, her hotness, her body or her figure.

These boys in their bachelor meetups now watch porn/item numbers on a 60 inch LED, with no fear of getting caught or no idea of psychological or moral impacts it is causing.

While watching one of the boys exclaimed with his outpouring sexual frustration, “Sali tu LED se bahir to nikal” and the other, “tere putt choosu” and the commentary continues…

Continuous exposure to pornography and peer-push coupled with unconscious infatuations these guys are subconsciously objectifying every women passing by them even their class fellows and desiring “kash tu hath a ja”.

But the comfort of raping someone (like the comfort of smoking) is still not established. In fact lets say they are HELPLESS. But remember the software is updated, they are just waiting for an appropriate time or opportunity(whether its a 6 years old child or a 86 years old granny). All he could do was masturbation.

Up till now the guy have no idea or realization that THEY HAVE DEVELOPED THE MINDSET OF A RAPIST. Their parents or other family members are TOTALLY unaware of these realities. (Or in case some are trying to escape the realities).

Two days back two of these guys GOT THE OPPORTUNITY they were eagerly desiring for. They raped a woman when her car broke down, while she was driving from the city of Lahore, capital of Punjab province, to Gujranwala with her children.

Many other guys are still desiring; they are not ‘lucky’ enough to strike on a chance.

After going through this whole horrific story one thing should have been readily clarified to you that it is a gradual process of transformation from a seedling to a deep rooted oak tree. And we should consciously prevent the development of naive mind-set to a rapist mind-set.

The writer is a student of MBBS, he can be reached at [email protected]