Psychological Impacts Of COVID-19

By: Haya Shaikh

Nowadays, the current COVID-19 outbreak is a non-traditional security paragon over the globe in around 84 countries light a fire under fear of sudden death and illness on a societal and on an individual level. It differently fans the flames of anxiety and psychosis-like symptoms such as loneliness fear of quarantine for weeks and days, as well as lead to non-specific mental sickness issues (mood problems, sleep issues, panic and phobia like behaviours life in prison). During this critical and scary time, we must remain calm and informed as we gather information from variable sources. The fear of an unknown deadly violent virus is similar in its psychological effects to the reaction to the terrorism threats and produces a higher level of mental stress after the shortage of food grains and commodities daily eatables with longer-term consequences. At levels, we can plug on increased focus and support on mental health that cause brain disorder to those are struggling from fear and anxiety in the coronavirus response.COVID-19 or CORONAVIRUSis a pandemic disease spread in about 84 nations widely spread in China south Korea and Italy -group of viruses that can cause a range of symptoms including running nose, cough, sore throat, fever and some other mild symptoms such as the common cold the dangerous part is breathing disorder which causes immediate death, while others are more likely to lead to pneumonia. Medical science proves that viruses have a rapid mutation, changes its nature time to time therefore difficult to find its vaccines.

China is the world’s largest economy and trading nation with heavily populated in the world. And COVID-19 is originated from china’s city “Wuhan” which is considered an important centre for trade, economy, finance, transportation and IT hubs. Therefore, economic fallout from coronavirus also threatens the global growth- global oil demand, tourism and travel industries have been hit hard by a widespread situation of china’s economic disruptions rapid fall of international stock markets showing trillions of dollars damages. Oil prices down to the lowest rates as of the 1980s. That is taking a toll on the airline industry in lost revenues as fewer people take flights due to virus-infected aeroplanes and contacting an infected passenger during travelling countries blocked their borders to protect their land. People are blocked in their houses to protect themselves from polluted air. Shortage of products and parts from china is affecting companies around the world as factories delayed to resume and workers stayed home, many trades shows as well as all type of games and sports events in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and across the globe have been delayed cancelled or postponed to help reduce the spread of the novel COVID-19. Because of this many businesses have been lost and affected by sports goods exporters and businessman in Pakistan as well due to lack of trading with its neighbouring borders. Including an and closing of Umrah pilgrims affected seasonal businessman in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Even though no vaccine or treatment is discovered we should follow cure and cleanliness of ourselves and in daily food eatables. There is still no need for the nation to panic. Just more security and precautionary measures are concerned until medical scientist discover its vaccine or medicine. It is natural to experience stress and anxiety in the face of a death threat we can not control. COVID-19 alarmed as a world health emergency. The media and the public should take precautions and be more cautious instead of losing one’s cool. Media should play its responsibility in keeping people well informed giving awareness and knowledge which they are not showing any interest. We argue our companions to spread sound infection control practices and help their communities maintain civil law, courteous and rational communications. As we all know a human is a social animal. Media can keep people busy by showing entertaining funny programs indifferent interval of times during the day. A low index of suspicion of mental distress can help in early detection of treatments and spare patients much sufferings. The suffering people are not only the patients but the close relations around the sufferer also faces the anxiety, stress, depression with no ways of communication of isolated person in a room and hardcore procedures of medical tests the patient went through. Being Pakistani, Islamic republic state Pakistan made for Muslims with a slogan of “LA ILLAHA ILLAL LA HA”……. Should have faith on Allah –(the almighty, the creator of the universe)acting positive, taking full precautions with reciting dua. Because the LAW OF ATTRACTIONalso says; the positive you think, positive and good vibes you will attract towards yourself while on the other hand if think negative than attracts negative and bad happenings in life. As Allah himself says a pure faithful person will be blessed more by me. Strong believe in ALLAH and the person himself can defeat death anxiety. Then what does it mean of creating panic in the country by selling and smuggling masks at higher costs? Are you not Muslim or where your humanity is buried??

Things we should do to answer this dreadful disease by taking full precautions as elaborated by the government as public message with full faith. Even if you pray five times in a day, you will definitely be safe and sound because abolution\ wazzu picturizes your cleanliness time to time in a day. And no doubts in Quranic verses the Muslim ummah blessed with.


You can read dua for coronavirus as much as you can during the whole day even after every prayer. Health problems can drain a person and can be worrisome but indeed the Quran is the medicine which all Humankind needs. So we picked major dua which can help you in curing different health problems by the will of Allah. A person should see the doctor if it is worse or even a slight problem. Seeing a doctor will make you recover soon, but if you will recite this dua along with your doctor’s treatment, then Allah will surely ease the main and procedure If Chinese and Americans can read our book and research on it and hence prove it and following instructions given in Holly Quran and doing so then why we Muslims can’t have faith on these verses and practices. AS we know no vaccines and recoveries are found so far only Allah and Quran will help and recover the situation, so this is the only solution we can lead to with purity of faith and by heart. This Coronavirus claimed as a biological weapon which leads to a mind game, the more you keep yourself alert and active, takes care of yourselves results in the more avoidance to fall for COVID-19.

The writer is a student at National Defence University Islamabad, she can be reached at [email protected]