PTI Govt. Failed to Provide Opportunities to tribal Women, Young Journalist Kainat

Peshawar:(Ikram-Ud-Din) Private TV anchor and young journalist Kainat Khan from Tribal region of Pakistan said that role of women is very important in every sector of the country. “I see lot talent in women of Waziristan but they are deprived due to poverty which is a question mark for the incumbent government. It is the present government responsibility to give equal opportunities to Waziristan and other tribal women but unfortunately they are not providing any opportunities, women play big role in country’s development but are deprived of moving forward” Kainat said.

Kainat Khan demanded from the government to play a vital role in bringing women forward in Waziristan and other tribal areas so that the country and the nation can develop, without women, domestic development is impossible, important steps are needed for the better future of women, which is the main responsibility of the government.