PTI internal strife

By: Asem Mustafa Awan

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has power politics going inside the close circles of Prime Minister Imran Khan and nothing goes unnoticed from the observers and rival politicians.

The aspiring premiers besides elected and non-elected members influencing PM IK’s decisions was revealed during a meeting when allegations were followed by counter allegations by the participants of that particular huddle.

This internal strife followed by the power struggle in getting close to PM IK has seen outspoken Fawad Chaudhary, former information minister letting the cat out of the bag, in his recent interview with Voice of America.

Asad Umar had a very unceremonious ouster and as per Fawad Chaudhary it was none other than the alleged party’s ATM Jehangir Tareen who was behind Asad Umar’s expulsion.

Asad Umar now heads the Planning Commission Ministry and he settled his scores without delay and Jehangir Tareen is now faced with ‘sugar scam inquiry’.

The Art of War book by famous Chines General San Zu states,” Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

The grudges between PTI’s leadership is evident from the fact that at many occasions numerous reports have been appearing in the newspapers with difference between Shah Mehmood and Jehangir Tareen, the allies in  Punjab Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi and Buzdar camp and KPK has all members with daggers drawn by taking the role of Brutus.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on quite a few occasions have given clear instructions to its party leaders and spokespersons to keep quiet on certain issues and let the top leadership have its say on the matters.

To begin with the cabinet meeting and besides the internal party meetings there has been an issue of ‘declaration of assets’ everyone is inquisitive about the assets of others.

This curiosity has killed many cats with nine lives in Pakistani politics and ‘curiosity’ still stays.

PTI stands out for justice and fair play and this very ‘manifesto of the party’ has its members harping out of sync melodies for years now.

The asset declaration is the first and foremost thing and PM IK in his assets declaration even mentioned his personal goats and their worth, which is quite expensive for the creature.

The long list of advisers to different ministries have reduced the role of the ministers who have raised issues that it is the incompetency of the advisers and lack of planning by these individuals put them in embarrassing situations and they can’t defend these advisers all the time.

Fawad Chaudhary’s explosive interview did result in PM’s IK displeasure and Fawad admitted, but he stick to his ground as this is what is happening in the party and it is in the longer run will be detrimental for the party.

Fawad is also receiving the flak from PTI members but what Fawad has said is true and this is no secret. The party has individuals and they have very different views on policy matters of the party which results in friction among members. This approach has cause embarrassment to Prime Minister on quite a few occasions and as a politician this gives opposition a chance to ridicule and mock the decisions of the Prime Minister which are taken in the larger interest of the nation.

Another factor that is causing the divide in the PTI ranks is the difference between have and have nots the party has people who are extremely rich and with their riches they do at times influence and hijack the decisions with motives that suit their interest.

This dilemma PM has faced since long as the top leadership mostly financers of PTI shared a closer bond besides a concrete liaison in influencing the decisions.

The other reason for this increasing rift and few of these individuals who are close to PM IK are not Pakistani nationals and they have their loyalties outside the country with their assets and business abroad.

Jumping the band wagon with ‘slogan to serve’ is all in thin air and is but words only nothing practical.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will all sincerity and passion wants to bring the change but change agents have given him the short change and PM has skipped the fire but has jumped in the frying pan thanks to these ‘agents’.