Retrogression of our society

Letter to The Editor,

Any country’s retrogression of the society can be assessed from the incidents transpire in their society. Many incidents of different nature are taken place in societies of civilized, uncivilized, developed and under development countries like raping, child abuse, sexual harassment, lynching, assassination, forced and child marriages and etc but the worst incident which can be transpired in any country is beating and killing parents and such a tragic incident is rarely transpired in any country or never come to knowledge. 

Such barbarism is started taking place in our society which is an Islamic country. Recently, an unfortunate son has assassinated his own mother with a sharp knife just to acquire few thousand rupees from her. It is reported that a poor mother accompanied her son to get Rs. 12,000/- from ehsas program launched by incumbent government aim to help poor and needy people so that they can manage bread and butter for their families and for themselves. On the way back to home, that unfortunate son demanded money from his mother which she refused to give him and on refusal, he took his mother to a place where nobody could see them and he stabbed his mother with a sharp knife and she succumbed to death. 

Hands shiver to write such a pathetic incident so how he would have attacked his own mother who had kept him in her womb for nine months and the pain she would have gone through during delivery cannot be imagined by him nor any man. Moreover, the pain woman goes through during normal delivery is unimaginable but a mother goes through such pain during birth of her offspring. What circumstances are involved which compel off springs to behave their parents harshly and badly who cherish them with utmost care and affection and off course such off springs cannot progress in both finite and infinite worlds; this world and hereinafter. When such pathetic incidents are started taking place in any society it is an alarming situation and indication that such societies destruction would commence soon and would not last for long.  

Every picture has two sides and one have to see both sides of the picture. It is the prime responsibility of the parents who should infuse their kids how to treat them by showing them practically the good behavior with their parents as action speaks louder than words as kids pick everything quickly what they see. On the other hand, children should recognize the status of parents and behave them accordingly as their resentment could destroy their life. 

An incident took place in the era of beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH that a fellow (Sahabi) whose soul was not being disembodied from his body as his time of demise was near. Fellows told the condition of that fellow (sahabi) to beloved Prophet PBUH who inquired whether his mother is alive or not. Fellows answered in affirmation. It was inquired from his mother whether she was happy with her son or otherwise. She intimated that she was not so happy with her son only because he used to speak to her harshly although he was a pious person. Beloved Prophet PBUH asked her whether she would forgive her or not. She said her heart was not setting to do so. She was further asked by beloved Prophet PBUH would she want her son to be burnt in this world ? she said how is it possible that she would want him to be burnt alive. Prophet PBUH elaborated that if she did not forgive him, he would be burnt in the hell. She said that she did not even want so and forgave her son. As she forgave her son, his soul disembodied from his body and departed. A fellow’s (sahabi) harsh behavior with her mother could not save him from due punishment until and unless he was not forgiven by his mother so what would happen of today’s children who misbehave, disobey and surprisingly beat them up to death. 

Parents status should be highlighted in the light of Quran and hadit and emphasized so that young generation should behave their parents with due regard and remain save from possible destruction in both worlds. The Quran states that the paradise lies beneath the feet of mother while beloved Prophet PBUH said that if his mother was alive and she had called him during supererogatory (nafil) prayers, he would have broken the prayers and replied to her that he is present to obey her while supererogatory prayers would be offered later which shows how obedient one should be to abstain from the resentment of mothers. It is said that one has to obey his parents even if they are infidel as it happened in the era of Prophet PBUH when infidels accepted Islam while their parents could not revert to Islam.   

Propagation of respecting, obeying come what may and treating in a good manner of parents is required to be carried out at a large level through print, electronic and social medias as well as clerics should also let folks know about parents status and advantages and disadvantages of respecting and disobeying parents so that such pathetic and sad incident would not happen again in our society. It is our collective responsibility to infuse our young generation to behave well with parents as it is written in the Quran that do not say a word of uff to parents and if there was one more word less than uff that would have been forbidden to say to parents. 

Faisal Ansar, Karachi