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Review of Pakistan’s most viewed drama

EntertainmentReview of Pakistan's most viewed drama
By: Parvez Moula Bakhsh

The most-watched drama in the history of Pakistan is “Khuda Aur Muhabat” which is one of the few dramas that I have ever watched completely. This drama is incredibly influential. More importantly, Its title is attractive which may be the only reason behind the popularity of the drama. Really, most people are impressed by its name including me. People love to watch this drama because two different things “Khuda” ( God) And “Muhabat” (love) are connected. Therefore, everyone is surprised and wants to know what happens in the drama and they want to know what is the relationship between God and love?

Let me tell you in this article what is the relationship between God and love. In my point of view, the drama aims to indicate that God wants something else, man wants something different and what God wants happens.

I will not twist. I neither want to twist nor confuse my readers. Therefore, I directly notify you of what is happening in the drama and what is the brief story of the drama.

 Well, there is a boy, Farhad who belongs to a poor and middle family. He loves a girl, Mahi. But the girl belongs to a well-reputed and rich family.

He tries his best to convince the girl but all went in vain. consequently, the boy curses the girl very badly. He shouts and cries. He curses by saying to the girl, ”  you have broken my heart and my curse on you that you will never be happy”. He adds that your heart is also attentive, so what is my heart?

Somewhere but what is the miracle of nature,  people hear that the boy is dead because the news of the boy’s death comes. But the boy did not die. He was alive. He used to live in a mosque where he surrendered to God.

But suddenly he met the girl again. It means that in the end, it happens. He goes to the girl’s house. It is a big story.  Both of them die while they are together. The drama is very strong. By the way, to see the drama, which is a bit of a shirk.

 It is not permissible to do everything and perhaps there is another reason, probably there is a reason for people to want to know why this is a beautiful drama, but there are many things in the way, there are false things which can somehow be included do shirk.

But somehow I just feel that the drama does not match the name, Khuda aur Mohabbat. There should have been a strong relationship between God and love in this drama to show whatever the title of the drama puts on.

 There is no doubt that most people like it very much. But to be honest, the drama did not satisfy me. We all know that whatever happens just because of Allah and no place is special. God is reachable everywhere. He dwells in hearts.

 Above all, interestingly, we all know how the boy fell in love with the girl for two days and the girl did not love him. Nevertheless, the boy went crazy.  Let me ask how it is possible? The start of the drama really is unsatisfactory. Love does not happen likewise. The director should know it. The director should have made it stronger for the boy to go crazy for the girl.

How could the director have so many societies, how could a servant leave his village for someone who even does not care about him?  he was crazy, he had a lot of love for a girl, and even this league, how can a boy be crazy? It happens a little bit, it does not happen that the girl does not love him.

Pathetically, we do not understand what kind of drama is triumphant. I really can not understand why this drama has got more views than another? The drama has something skeptical and unclear that the director should have clarified which is the relationship between God and love. Nothing is told about God in the drama except love. Therefore, I think the writer of the drama should have shown more things about spirituality.

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