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Saudi Arabia – Iran Relations: A new beginning in the region

OpinionSaudi Arabia - Iran Relations: A new beginning in the region
By: Asem Mustafa Awan

The diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia under the mediation of China are restored and the world is welcoming the effort made by the China.

It is an important development towards the security and constructive development in the region that has been marred by the proxy wars in the past spanning over decades.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is taking revolutionary steps for the construction and rebuilding Saudi Arabia in particular and the region in general.

Saudi Arabia’s relations with Qatar in the past were strained but with renewed efforts from Prince Mohammed Bin Salman they are back to normal and Saudi Arabia’s recent role in assisting Turkey after the devastating earthquake has won the hearts of entire Muslim Ummah.

The restoration of diplomatic relations with Iran will lead to a new era in the region. Syria, Lebanon and even Yemen are at the brink of total annihilation owing to Saudi-Iran tensions in the past.

It is also worth mentioning that in fuelling the conflicts, the role of America and Israel can’t be overlooked as global politics have their own dimensions and Middle East has been soaked in blood for decades.

Israel and the United States in particular are watching the development in a different manner after the restoration of relations between the two brotherly countries. It is also a fact that China’s mediation played the key role in the restoration of Iran-Saudi relations that in a way stamped China’s dominance in the region.

It is believed China with it developmental model that encompasses prosperity for all will change the fortunes. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s vision has the whole world that was unipolar not long ago.

The road to sustainable peace instead of wars is Chinese President’s goal and bringing the two foes together deserves all praise. Pakistan with geo strategic location can attain the maximum from it provided it gives political stability a chance which in turn results in economic stability.

The world is changing and new alliances are formed and Pakistan must act fast to get itself out of isolation owing to near collapse economic meltdown

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