SFA FC Crowned Champions of Leisure Leagues Women’s Cup


ISLAMABAD: Women’s Cup organized under the Leisure League held at The Palm Ground in Islamabad. Leisure Leagues Women’s Cup saw a nail-biting finish to the final where SFA FC beat Smurf FC 2-0 to claim the maiden title. The Women’s Cup featuring teams from Islamabad saw some of the best female players compete for the title spread out over the final.

The cup also saw special accolade go out to SFA FC’s star player Imama Arif, who scored goal and goalkeeper Ayesha Rubab, who was judged to the best goalie of the cup.

The closing ceremony was attended by Hamza Wasti (Coach Smurf FC), Rana Abbas (Coach SFA FC) and political figure from Islamabad Farzana Kausar she added that sports are an important tool for women empowerment, and such initiatives are much needed in Pakistan. She also awarded 10 thousand cash prizes to the winning team.

World Group Chairman Mehmood Trunkwala also echoed similar sentiments adding that Leisure Leagues is intent on bringing football throughout the country and is taking special initiatives like the women’s cup to empower young women through sports.