Shahida from Quetta wins first gold medal for Pakistan at International South Asian Games in Nepal

Pakistani Athlete Shahida Abbasi represented country in Karate achieves first gold medal for Pakistan in International South Asian Games in Nepal. She along athletes of six other countries are participating in 13th South Asian Games happening at Nepal Capital Kathmandu. Shahida belongs to persecuted Hazara community of Baluchistan started playing Karate in 2005. She said that her family and teachers played a prominent role in her triumph. She showed great delight at winning the Gold Medal. She said

“The family has always supported me, especially my father.” However, the behavior of the people around him was disappointing, as expected. “I had to hear a lot of things and I was forced to quit playing,”

Moreover, she said, “But with the support of my father, mother, and siblings, I did not give up”.

Furthermore, she said, “I do not want any girl to give up her dreams due to social pressures”.

She mentioned her experience in South Asian Games and said, “The Safe Games were the toughest, and I wasn’t sure I would win the gold medal,”