Social media downsides

By: Neha Dharejo

Social media has, now, acquired such an active position in our lives that no one can think of living without it. No doubt, it provides some essential information and connections with people around the globe. Yet, its negative impacts dominants its positive areas. As firstly, it has become an immense source of wastage of precious time of teenagers, adults and senior citizens of the world. The youngsters amuse themselves by sharing memes and pulling each other’s legs by and large. The screen addiction has made them so habitual of using cell phones that they deliberately sit for hours and hours doing nothing but scrolling the very things and they neglect spending their expensive time with the people in person.

Furthermore, social media is amplifying criminal cases since the daily number of such offensive cases enhances; the security of numerous innocent ones becomes at stake as cybercrimes increases and threats of seizing crucial information are also not far-fetched. Presently, newbies fall into trap of predators who pretend to be their bosom friends and take away all the personal details of the victims in order to embark on any assault on suitable times. The teenagers have highly become victims as the number of kidnappings and murders is likely to occur with them because of their naive nature. 

Apart from this, maintaining strong mental health has become a pressing issue in this contemporary situation. Nevertheless, using social media is affecting this area as well. Since, the people start comparing themselves with the renowned celebrities and their lifestyles despite being unaware of behind-the-scenes circumstances and ultimately, drop into inferiority complexes which lead them to worry about their own lives. Regardless of counting their blessings and expressing gratitude, they start getting depressed and anxious. 

The productivity level of people is also lessening through using social media. More the people use social applications, the more passive they become. Owing to myriads of distractions- posts, stories, and memes of others, people can not remain focused on their day-to-day tasks and subsequently lose enthusiasm towards their to-do lists. Hence, at end of the day, they start cursing themselves and regretting of lost valuable time. 

Therefore, social media is slightly engulfing our real lives; it is getting that sweet intoxication that everyone wants to experience regardless of knowing its downsides. But the good news is, we are the CEOs of our own lives; we can switch every button according to our own welfare. By minimizing the use of the social world, we can not only bring the lost happiness in our real world but also become effective towards our daily tasks and ultimately can conquer the world.