Stop Demolition of Public Library

Letter to The Editor,

With due respect, it is stated that I am Ali Ullah, a resident of Parachinar City, tehsil Upper Kurram District Kurram. Today I’m writing this letter to you to take your focus on a serious social problem which the people of our area have been dealing with for a long time.

Books are an important need of the time. Through books, nations and countries become developed. For a good society, it is important that its people are educated and love books. European countries are on the path of development today and have left Muslim countries behind.

The main reason is the love of books. People who love books have very few problems. Kurram Parachinar District is a small area of ​​Pakistan. Its people are very intelligent and educated. But there is no government library in this area. Public Library built in 1982, is now being converted into an officer’s quarters. The demolition of the library building is underway. Library books are being moved to an unknown location. This is a big injustice to book lovers in Parachinar.

Through your newspaper, I would like to implore the concerned institutions and responsible people to stop the demolition of the library building immediately and make it a modern library on this site.

Ali Ullah Turi, Parachinar