Surat Yasin standing tall against all odds

Surat Yasin walks the street with the cart carrying seasonal fruit. PHOTO: THE DAYSPRING
By: Asim Nawaz/Editor

Surat Yasin is an orphan girl in her twenties, she has defied all taboos and is an embodiment of courage defeating the system that gives nothing rather takes everything from person who already has nothing.

Burqa clad girl walks the street with the cart carrying seasonal fruit.

This scribe was not having the moral courage to ask her as how she is doing, what does she plan to do, how lockdown has affected her, does she have enough food, where she lives, what made her come on the road, how does she get the fruit, does she get harassed by people and authorities there were so many questions but I lacked the courage, I was ashamed and I couldn’t look her in the eye.

There are so many woebegone tales on the road which have unfathomable pain. It takes a heart of an elephant to bear them, human heart will burst as the burden on the conscious is unbearable.

Surat Yasin is one such story that roams the roads and slaps at the system that is only protects the corrupt. How many billions are embezzled from the national exchequer and how many have been recovered is a question that no one is willing to answer as in exact amount.

Everyone is connected and it is always lower down the order the person gets punished. The airplane crashed during Ramadan a few days ago have fingers pointed at the pilot as the deceased is not there to defend his name. There have been hundreds of inquiries, commissions and what not, the files were never released as the names of the bigwigs and so called ‘elites’ will cause bad name to their ‘status’.

This orphan girl roams the street with a small merchandize of seasonal fruit depicts how the life has been made for a common man. She is lucky to be one of the few that are able to make a small amount to live, many in the land of the pure don’t have the capacity to survive through the day.

Not long ago there was a scandal of Shelter Homes in Punjab. The whistle blower warden was removed from service but the unfinished and untold truth is still fresh with public who detest and abhour the political corrupt who have held them hostage for generations.

It may be noted here, the 12 years old house maid Naheeda also succumbed to her burns she received during the Karachi plane crash on May 2. The government that has announced financial grant for the air crash victims, will her family be able to get the money is the question that is going to stay unanswered as where the money is involved the answers are simply not there.

Seven year old Zohra died breathing her last on the ventilator machine as her employers beat her to death by repeated kicks in obdomen which might have caused punctured lungs. The cause of beating was some birds who were released through the cage. Zohra with seven years of age had small hands and they never had the strength to close the latch which resulted in birds to be free. She paid the price in the form of her life and is now free from all the beatings that she faced at the hand of her employers in Bahria Town over her four month service.

Such are the tales in the ‘land of the pure’ where the rich get away with everything including murder and the poor they just survive the day during every day of their remaining lives.