The consequences of incompetence

By: Sheeraz Mirani

The public of Pakistan has began to question the leadership ability of the PTI government. Because two years have been passed and it seems to be going back in every sphere rather than moving forward to create opportunities for the public. There is a yawning gap between saying and doing and Imran khan is good at saying rather than doing. When the Imran khan promises to the public before the election standing on the container that I will prosperous Pakistan and create “Naya Pakistan” but in Naya Pakistan, there is no place for the poor people heavy taxes, unemployment, inflation and corruption. The PTI government failed from the base level of the container. When it comes to delivering justice it seems vindictive campaign against political opponents with no positive attention attached to it. If Insafian leaders had done their homework before coming to the power than maybe we expect some different results from the PTI government.

There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men.”

Ludwig von Mises

Firstly, In June and March, the Flour shortage hit the major cities of the country. The authorities remained silent. No, any legal action was taken by authorities against the mafia, the government, and opposition blaming each other for the crisis. The cost of 20 kg of flour hit the Rs 930 against the previous rate of Rs 880. The public faces the consequence of mishandling a flour crisis and this is the result of poor governance. Besides, there is illegal smuggling of wheat with the porous border of Afghanistan.

Secondly, In January 2015 Pakistan also had seen an example of a shortage of oil when the global prices of oil were falling and the mafia of oil industries was not ready to take the losses. This time too oil crisis developed over a specific period but the authorities have not been responding against the oil mafia and the policymakers have not learnt any lesson from the 2015 crisis. Besides, whenever the global price of oil falls the oil industry of Pakistan always tries to minimize their losses and when the price goes upward these all oil industry gains inventory. This artificial oil crisis confirmed that this government of Imran Khan is no better than previous government as it was five years ago.

Thirdly, the collapse of PIA did not happen overnight. There are a total of 262 pilots out of 800 pilots were certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The reason behind the ban of PIA flights landing in European airports was that the “fake” or suspect licenses of pilots. The main cause was the inability to meet security and safety management. PIA had lost its safety certification given by the European Flying Safety Agency (EASA) back in March 2012 after rehashed incidents of minor mishaps (like a tire bursting into flames during landing or some other technical faults. On June 24, the minister of aviation worsened the scenario further. He reported that thirty percent of PIA pilots entourage the “Fake licenses”. The aviation minister did not said that these pilots in a question to have “fake licenses”. Instead, he claimed that the inquiry grounds suspected the authenticity of several pilots. The mishandling by aviation minister and the reports of fake licenses went viral on international media and proved to be another bomb on the Pakistan economy.

In addition, PTI government from the inception of Covid-19 did not announce a specific strategy to combat this deadly virus. Imran Khan from the beginning of this pandemic, he said that the case of COVID 19 is much more similar than the case of flu. The country is already facing economic inflation, unemployment, poverty and now pandemic reaches the country’s economy in the worst form than ever before. Few weeks of effective lockdown than Imran khan announces the policy of so-called smart lockdown, which resulted in nothing. This pandemic was the chance for the PTI government to take the place in the heart of public but the PTI government mishandling in pandemic and worst performance overall changed the mind of the public.

The above all mentioned discussion, the PTI government has to find out the solution. The public is with full of anger by all that has happened. For the PTI government, 2 years have been difficult. Imran Khan tenure is getting harsher and he does not realize that things are slipping out of his hand. This government is on the fragile situation and the coalition parties are breaking their coalition as Akhtar Mengal’s party recently exits from the PTI government. The PTI government is unable to deal with serious economic issues on its own in an atmosphere of political instability.

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