The Dearth of CNG nowadays

CNG (compressed natural gas) is a fuel that can be used as an alternative to petrol, LPG etc. There are numerous benefits of CNG as carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 80 %. It also participates constructively to greenhouse gas emissions which are ultimately beneficial for our environment as compared to others. Besides its environmental benefits, it is also beneficial for people as it gives the finest consumption or average, but unfortunately, there is a dearth of CNG in our country. Only 5-6 days in a month it open. Long ques have been witnessed when CNG open after a long break, people whose cars only run in CNG from a long time are in great distress. Competent authorities are not wakening up. Some adequate measures should have to be taken to control the dearth of CNG so that peoples problem can be alleviated constructively

By: Harum Shujaudin Siddiqui, Dept of Mass Communication, Karachi University.