The dying art; pottery needs revival

An old woman selling clay pots on a roadside at sector I-10 in Federal Capital. PHOTO: WASEEM KHAN
By: Asem Mustafa

One of the most ancient skills pottery needs attention of the authorities concerned.  If government wants to generate additional revenue for its coffers should come to rescue potters, who are vanishing by the hours.

The ancient relics found in different excavation sites have these utensils as in finds as with centuries they stay intact and tell the tale of what happened in that era.

These excavated treasure cost a fortune in international market and Pakistan which is home to the art has these artisans dying of hunger. In art and fashion industry clay forms a base and it is pottery forms a course in different art schools. The statues are all formed with clays and sculpture artists the world over hold clay very dear to the heart.

Pakistan has these artists dying of neglect and hunger and they in actual performed magic with their skills. The work on ceramic tiles and even art work on pots and pans stand matchless the world over.

The problem is somewhere in the middle where the artist stays hungry and somebody else profiteers from his work. This exploitative norm now end and steps should be made to stop this exploitative practice which makes the opportunist filthy rich at the expense of the poor.

Taxila the home of Gandhara Civilization has had many an excavations and the statue of Buddha which is placed in the museum has international visitors thronging the place. Buddha is respected the world over for his teachings and commitment and has followers the world over. These clay artists specialists in their trade are found in the same place. The need of the hours as government has big plans for the common man should plan and form small achievable money generating units.

The potters in Taxila have skills that are unmatched in the world. A small umbrella from the government, in the form of some regularizing unit have these potters performing under some mechanism.  They create master piece with their imagination which can be marketed globally to change their life styles, if government wishes to improve the quality of their life.

The picture shows an old woman selling earthenware and all these are handmade crafts with some having designs. Seeing is believing this art on display shows that it has nearly reached its end, how many of these pots she has sold this scribe has no clue.

But picture is worth a thousand word it is believed that there was no sale, the ancient relics from excavations have worth in millions. These excavated finds, lack the refined look and those who can give these pots an artistic touch face the neglect. Getting the attention for the art, leaves only one logical choice for these artists is to burry themselves with the art. May be if excavated their work will have the value?