The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

Letter to The Editor,

Youth is the flag bearer of development. Currently, technological gadgets are the friendly weapons to win the race in the world of competition. The Prime Minister Laptop scheme has been interrupted since the new government took the reign of the country. The Prime Minister’s laptop scheme proved very helpful for the youth. The twenty-first century is a totally digitized century as all the work including assignments, tasks, research and all the work related to academics is being done technologically. Mobile phones cannot be replaced with laptops because the mobile has not much capability to perform work as a computer.  The youth is desperately waiting for the revival of the laptop scheme. After the emergence of Covid19, the mode of classes, as well as learning activities, are totally shifted from physical to virtual. The poor, as well as the middle-class section of society, are unable to easily afford such costly gadgets. It is the prime responsibility of the government to spend money on the youth which will be very crucial regarding changing the fate of the country. However, the Ehsas scholarship is the biggest relief to the students but it only pays the high fees of universities. There are other expenses which should be taken into consideration. The government should restore the laptop scheme so the youth can benefit from the scheme.

Jawad Ahmed Awan, Islamabad