The rise of private schooling & education quality

Letter to The Editor,

The rise of private schooling in Pakistan on one hand and the quality of education on the other, appears to be paradoxical to good education. Almost, after every fifth street today, one would find a primary educational institution in urbanly-developed areas. This, in one way, ensures accessible education for the residents of the towns, whereas, it also lays down long-term academic disadvantage for the juvenile students when it comes to the teaching quality. Quality education is delivered by good teachers, enabled by good teaching, learning processes and facilitated by a conducive learning environment.

In private spheres, majority of the newly built or under-funded private institutions have mobilized the tendency for enrollment procedure of teachers to be subjective to their lesser pay and not to their educational credentials.This attracts the inexperienced undergraduates and other un-employed and less educated individuals even including the ones who are yet to make their way in matriculation, become the spiritual guardians of students. With such uncultivated staffs, what could be expected from such institutions to provide for the better uplift of their pupils? Developing a clear thought process among the students, inculcating in them the inclination for exploring science, logic, and reasoning, and the spirit of inquiry, humanism and practical or experimental knowledge to create a scientific atmosphere is what should be the top-tier priority.Certainly, the govt with its new educational model, must reform and set promising conditions for the private educational organizations to prioritize the quality and greater methodologies in order to deal effectively with the student’s learning as such that they meet a certain minimum academic standard.Required govt regulation should also balance the salary standards to improve the teaching quality, and fees structures to guarantee the affordability of education for those with poor background to obtain equal opportunities so that better fortunes be expected.

Subsequently, it is worth noting that the low quality standards of education will result in giving rise to less efficient nation. As quoted by Quaid-e-Azam, “There is no doubt that the future of our state will and must greatly depend upon the type of education and the way in which we bring up our children as the future citizens of Pakistan. This prophetic message is indeed an outright manifestation of the thoughts and vision by the “Quaid” which lay stress on the future of Pakistan linked with the qualitative rather a quantitative system of education.

Farhat Ullah, Peshawar.