Tiger Force performance report presented to PM, Dar blames Sindh for non-cooperation

P.M Imran Khan in a meeting with S.A to PM on Youth Affairs

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Imran Khan Usman Dar called on PM and presented the first performance report of newly formed Tiger Force after its mobilization.

Usman Dar also briefed the PM on the cooperation of the provincial governments and statistics saying that the registered youth were fulfilling their responsibilities with hard work and dedication. He said that the Tiger Force also assisted in the registration of the unemployed at the union council level. The reports received from the provinces are satisfactory and encouraging, he said.

SA Usman Dar also presented the report of non-cooperation by the Sindh government to the PM saying that there are 154,000 youth registered in the province but the provincial government is not cooperating.

According to sources, the Prime Minister expressed satisfaction over the report on Tiger Force and directed the Special Assistant to continue coordination at the provincial level.

The Prime Minister also said that the process of phase-wise mobilization of youth across the country should be continued. Moreover, an important decision regarding youth registered in Sindh is expected in a day or two.