Tiger force without salarymen

Letter to The Editor,

As COVID-19 pandemic caused the whole world to stop. The countries and country’s administration alone were not enough to fight this virus. So volunteer forces were created almost in all countries. And in Pakistan our prime minister Imran khan made this force of volunteers in the name of Tiger force to fight against COVID-19. This is the only force which will offer thier services without any pay or salary. And about more than one million of Pakistan youth has now registered in Tiger force. First some people thought they they will get some salary after registration but there is no such thing. This is the force of pure volunteers, without salarymen. Tiger force will start an awareness campaign in which they will aware people about COVID-19. They will also keep check and balance on utility stores prices, products and sale. But the main thing the Tiger force will do and which is more important is awareness campaign. May Allah succeed this Tiger force in their mission.

Syed kashifullah Shah, Islamabad