Time for legislation for rapists

By: Faisal Ansar 

Motorway tragic incident of gang-rape has traumatized every individual and the whole nation and expecting that culprits would get the due punishment this time as number of cases of raping children and women have already transpired before and few got the punishment while some fled away from the scenes and could not be arrested and unknowingly how many would have gone unreported. This time, this nefarious crime has compelled legislators to pass such a legislation that culprits might get even stern punishment like common people are of the view that rapist of women and children should be hanged publicly so that others might get a lesson to abstain from such criminal activity as rate of rape is drastically increasing in our country. Amid Prime Minister has suggested that rapist should be castrated.    

In this scenario it is worth mentioning here that buggery is also exist in our society wherein men engage themselves in filth sexual activity with each other’s consent and it is also as equal as rape while castration would definitely increase transgender in numbers who are already neglected segment of our society and they are still looking for their recognition in the society to get their due and basic rights. So, castration is not the just solution to rapist while it would increase more issues in the society for transgender.    

Mix reaction has come to surface so far from the people belonging from all walks of life but majority of segments of the society are of the view that culprit of rape victim should be hanged publicly while one opposition party has opposed the death penalty and terming it inhuman activity and Pakistan’s soft image before the world be damaged as Pakistan is listed in UN. The question is that the soft image of Pakistan would not be damaged if innocent women and children would keep falling prey to rapist. It is rightly said that in the society where culprits and oppressors are freed, their innocent people are murdered brutally and mercilessly.       

Castration and hanging rapist publicly are equally extreme actions then why not rapist should be given punishment as per sharia like if any bachelor and virgin commit such a crime of raping should be beaten up 100 hunters and if married people do the same, they have to be stoned to death. And why rapist of women and children only to be hanged publicly?. What about those men who engage themselves in buggery and those women who establish illicit relation with men with each other’s consent. Need of the hour is to make such a legislation that any rapist whether a man rape a woman with her will or against her will (forcefully) or a man rape any child or a man rape a man should be punished as per rule of sharia. If still no legislation is made and passed such cases might not be stopped even culprits would be more daring to commit such crime again and again. Make proper legislation now or never to stop women and children being raped.