Trans are humans too

Just like every human trans have an inherent right to a dignified life. After denial from their parents, their exploitation from society and then at the hands of “GURU CULTURE” depicts a sorry story. They are seen as sources of entertainment, sex slaves and beggars. At every step they take in the streets they have to face humiliation, catcalls, inappropriate gestures, and one can not discount the possibility of sexual assault. Discrimination is written in their fate, however, the constitution (supreme law of Pakistan) says otherwise and guarantees equal fundamental rights to all of its citizens. Nevertheless, in reality, trans people are the most vulnerable segment as they are not even allowed to get an education, health services etc. The third gender in Pakistan are treated as third-class citizens which defies logic and laws.

Interestingly, after a lot of struggle and ill-treatment including and not limited to sexual harassment, gang rapes, mass killings and mob attacks, Pakistan in 2018 enacted the transgender act. The law, indeed, is a progressive step. But what good are laws if they are not implemented across the board? For proper execution of laws, rules and regulations are important to establish which, in this case, we still lack.

The situation is not as bad as it was but still begs for improvement. Inclusion of trans people in every field is required. Recently, Multan inaugurated an educational institute for trans people but then again “exclusive inclusivity” will do more harm than good. It is practically impossible to become prosperous without inclusion.

A lot of empathetic understanding coupled with tolerance is mandatory to accept them as human and give them access to their rights. Awareness can work wonders. Trans being marginalized groups faced injustice, social and cultural boycott, non-dominant societal identities and lack of opportunities. Their social exclusion is directly proportional to the mal-treatment. Self-harm followed by a great suicidal rate amongst trans people in itself is a high time for us to think and join hands to work for the same.

Desired logical conclusions are to accept any gender minority as “HUMAN”. Positive discrimination for the social uplift of trans is important. To bridge the gap, the interaction of cis with transgender can play a key role in order to build understanding. Another step is sensitization. Through different workshops, talk shows, short video/audio messaging campaigns, and conferences powerful impact can be created in order to promote the soft image of trans. Most importantly, capacity building of trans people will help them grow and work as professionals in many diverse fields so as to make a respectable living. Derogatory terms like “khusra” and “hijra” shall strictly be abandoned. Giving due respect to fellow humans is the least one can do. At large better legislative policies with better implementations are required to really create a positive impact. Collective efforts of the state and individuals along with the cooperation of trans people will really outsmart the oppression of trans people. Let’s keep calm and support TRANS RIGHTS.

The writer is a law student and can be reached at [email protected]