UK data shows vaccine highly effective against hospitalization and severe covid symptoms

Picture Credit: Viacheslav Lopatin/
By: Adil Liaquat Abbasi

LONDON: Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS declared, the link between covid cases and death has “broken” adding that hospitals were reporting fewer sick, younger patients than before.

Just three people from those taken to hospital with delta variant (first identified in India) had been double vaccinated, the Health Secretary has revealed.

Matt Hancock told MPs that hospital cases were “broadly flat” and just three of the 126 people admitted with Covid from the Delta strain had received both doses of a vaccine. He added that 65 per cent of those who ended up in hospital with the Indian variant had not received a single jab. “The jabs are working,” he said. “The majority of people in hospital with Covid appear to be those who haven’t had the vaccine at all.”

He spoke as it was revealed that just 169 patients have been admitted to intensive care with Covid in the past month (May 2021) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, equating to fewer than six cases per day.

The latest report from The Intensive Care National Audio and Research Centre (ICNARC) shows that the number of people needing critical care has fallen dramatically.

Statistics show that out of 3,394 patients admitted to hospital in May, only around 5 per cent needed intensive care. At the peak, 72 per cent of intensive care admissions were due to Covid compared with less than 20 per cent at the moment.

The ICNARC data also shows that the chance of dying within 28 days of admission to intensive care has now fallen to 20 per cent, compared with around 45 per cent during the first wave.

The average age of those admitted has also fallen by around 10 years, from approximately 60 to 50.

NHS Boss Chris confirmed that undoubtedly, infections are surging in some parts of the country – but it increasingly appears that the link between cases and serious illness has been broken, meaning our health service is coping just fine.

A quick look through the latest report from the ICNARC shows how far the country has come since the first and second Covid waves. In the last month, just 169 patients have needed intensive care treatment for Covid in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, equating to fewer than six admissions per day.

Contrast that to the January peak – when more than 400 were admitted to intensive care on a single day – and it is easy to see how Britain is in a very different situation today. The patients are less sick, with only a small number now needing critical care.

In the United Kingdom, approximately 75% of adults have now received their jabs and data shows that the vaccine provided protection against covid transmission, developing into severe disease, and prevented thousands of deaths. I request my fellow Pakistanis not to believe in the utterly rubbish ‘Conspiracy Theories’, come forward, and uptake the vaccine. The science is clear: vaccines save lives, it will have no impact on fertility.