Understanding Feminism

The writer is Editor at 'The Dayspring' and Global Shaper at World Economic Forum
Understanding Feminism
By Asim Nawaz Abbasi
Feminism is a word with thousands of motives associated to it. Feminism refers to the movements and protests done in order to get women with what they deserve. Feminism is actually the pointing out of flaws and errors in how a women is treated and rectifying it to how a women should be treated. Feminism is the equal representation of men and women and it portrays how important and beneficial it is to accept women equal to men in every category of life. It tells us that only supposing them to be equal never works. Every individual should believe women to be as important as men, to prioritize them as men, to bestow them with the same respect, opportunities, to accept them with whatever colour, caste, body shape they have and with all of these accept them with all of their flaws while letting them enhance their respective selves and grow.
Feminism is not only supported by women but men too. Very ironic. But obviously someone would be getting it right. So a chunk of the proportion beliefs that the women in this very male dominant society are actually acting as wheels. They (the women) are ultimately the movers of the society as the wheels let the car move, women in our society are the ones who push the men to work, who push the men to be who they are now and they (the women) have a majority of stake in whatever the men become today. The essence of feminism teaches us to respectable towards women. To benefit them with the same freedom which men have. To grace them with a lot of respect so they do more good and be efficient with their own skills.
Feminism in the era has been so flourished and it will continue to be like this after the proceeding since ages. The feminist movements were done as evident sexism was witnessed between male and female, a prejudice between males and females. Prioritizing men over women was somehow felt like a fashion in the past decades. The dilemma, however was that a lesser number of people could stand up for it. Women were an exception, they were brutally treated so they could never got any chance to stand for it as they knew the consequences whereas men on the other hand were objectifying women to be nothing more than slaves. It was near 19th century that women started movements and motivating men and both women to take steps forward to eliminate the brutal treatments with women and encourage women living peacefully to raise voice for other women.
The passed era had produced such a wave of feminists that world has been revolutionized since then. We witness a prominent proportion of people to take stands for women and how they should be equal in every sphere of life. World has been witnessing more male feminists now. The credit goes to organizations like Women Deliver and all the mothers and the wives who have been indulged in sharing the value of a women to their sons and husbands and why women are important and the majority of the credit to those men who have realized the importance of women.
Priorities have been sincerely changed. Every individual, does not matter male or female, both are equally given their due set of respect and opportunities. They are equally building up for themselves. They have been made responsible to earn for themselves by mediums which prioritize men and women both. Feminism has been spoken about and it known to all. It is usually carried out to nullify the old traditions of portraying women to be an object only and specifically for the male dominant societies. Women, in every phase of life, excel now. Women in the modern world can only be valued if they let others know the real worth of them. Unheard voices can be raised only if women want. And today’s world has the best of feminists because as we grow we proceed to learn more about the involvement and contribution of women in our life and how they can never be ignored.
The only reason that we have seen such prominent change in the feminist culture prevailing is through awareness. Education makes it way easier for everyone to get what women are. Promoting and marketing what is acceptable can only make any change and it did made a change.
The writer is Islamabad based activist and girls advocate and editor of The Dayspring, he can be reached at [email protected] facebook.com/asimnawazabbasi twitter.com/asimnawazabbasi