University of Karachi’s Discrimination and Discouraging Acts towards Students

Letter to The Editor,

One of the Largest government educational institution that should be supporting students from all over the country but is creating certain hurdles in the admissions process and in this time of crisis where Covid is affecting every sector that moves life in economical way, the University of Karachi fails to provide any relief to the current batch of enrolled students that are eager to complete their studies.

Let’s first discuss the main issue with the universities admission criteria’s, as all of you may be aware that University has currently lowered its marks and percentages for admissions when 75% of students appearing in entry tests failed. So, why have they shown such kind hearted ness to these students who failed and since these students could not even pass entry test, what kind of educational background have they arrived from? And what will they do in University of Karachi even if they are admitted on lowered percentages and marks by the University? Does the University fear? Of less admissions in Evening Programs due to Covid and is eager to fill their seats any way possible.

Important thing to notice, is that University of Karachi knows that a very few people will be able to enroll in there Evening programs amid Covid created financial crisis because the University has high discrimination in Morning and Evening programs Fee Structures. The Morning programs fee structure for each semester is almost less than 50% when compared to Evening programs per Semester fee. Evening Program Students are not eligible for Scholarship either as University decided on their own that they are self-financing students, as if Evening program students are coming from families that own Gold Mines. 80% enrollment in evening program is of those Students to whom University denies the admission in Morning against the reason, No Merit, even if they had cleared the entry test. Yes, not even a Claim form can change this once in a lifetime decision made by the management of University, not to mention the claim fee is nonrefundable as well.

The University then encourages all the students and especially female students to enroll in Evening program, where the fee structure is 50% more for each semester as compared to Morning shifts fee structure for same semester. Hello! How will the Females afford that kind of fee per semester? And how will other students that are forced to do jobs due to financial conditions of their home, supposed to afford that?

Most important thing that’s worth mentioning is that University has not provided any kind of relief in semester fee even during and the ongoing current Covid Crisis which has effected all kinds of industry and economy worldwide and has left Millions, Jobless and Out of Business. But somehow University of fails to realize this as well.

In this time of Crisis as have mentioned several times above, the University, Colleges and Schools should provide relief to all the students who want to get education and make something good of their lives in future, instead of making these kinds of discouraging acts as global economy and financial crisis is not hidden from any eye, which has effected each and every country on the map and continues to effect with every new day. And University should support the students enrolling in the morning programs instead of making discriminations and forcing them to get admitted in evening programs where they have to pay high fee.

Maham Shah, Karachi. [email protected]