When are we going to accept the fact?

The writer is a special correspondent at The Dayspring
By: Syed Shahzaib Haider

At times I asked myself this question and every time after realizing the fact that I don’t have an answer to that it pinches me a lot more than the last time. It about being a so-called Muslim mainly and we proudly call our self that which unfortunately isn’t true. I’ll start with a normal Muslim family living in Pakistan with what they do to their lives and their children and I hope you’ll agree to what I am saying.

For instance, there is a family having a boy who somehow manage to pass his 10th grade with marks obtained not so high. The first thing his parents would tell him is that you have to work hard in your intermediate to be able to go to the top level college and that too with if you get scholarship may bring us near to the utter happiness of our life they never told him the real code of life and for what we are born truly the teaching of our God and our Prophet PBUH his life! The importance of Salah and reading the of Quran with translation they just bring him into the rate race and apparently they are trying to make him successful. The moment he passes his graduation from the desired college the wish list of his parents again have something for him to do and that is to find out a good job which may help him continuing his degree of post-graduation, and the son again thinks ok this may be is going to make his life better, not knowing that another mission is to come for him right after this one. Now when he is completely done with his studies his parents tell him to seek another job which should be a little better than the previous one so that they may find him a reasonable family oriented girl and he thinks that this probably will be the last task of his life and now by doing that his life is finally going to be easy and complete. After getting married his parents continue to ask him to do more and get them their grandchildren as soon as he can and the history then repeats itself. This very man who’s been victim of this illusionistic world is now going to repeat the whole exercise to his child and it goes on and on.

I really feel pity for those who think of this above-mentioned cycle of life as the actual purpose of being in this world. Allah blessed me with this life not to be a machine or a robot just to make money and live my life as a rate. The purpose is completely or partially in contradiction of what we are doing here in this world with our precious lives. Our religion nowhere taught us that we’re going to have seven more lifelines so there is nothing to worry about this life you can continue to waste it as you’re doing right now. Islam clearly says that we live once and then there is a death and we are going to get up again only on the judgment day, not any time before that and that how it works. I humbly request to all the believers not waste the life just by following all the worldly manners but at least by knowing what exactly are we born for. The only thing that made me understand the real purpose of my life is The Quran the only divine manual of life written by God himself. And that’s what I request to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to read it once at least with the complete translation, not just Arabic. This I am sure will bring you to the fact that yes whole your life earning money and doing nothing else is just a waste in real we are here just to obey the Almighty God and to live our life the way God wants us to live. To live for others not just for yourself. We should as soon as possible return to our real purpose of life and act upon what is written in the Quran because the sayings of the prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W says that the life hereinafter is the life Momin will get for forever and ever and ever do not waste the chance of getting that eternity by enjoying your life here in this world for petty things. As we all know that whoever is gone from this world is gone forever and never going to return to this world again and I really don’t understand how is it possible for a sensible human being to give this short and full of miseries life priority on the life that we are going to reach in which there is no sorrow no pain no earning issues no health problems and moreover every desirable thing available and much more. But unfortunately, very few of us understand and follow the right path and it reminds me another great word from Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib he said.  “The man/women sleep whole their life the moment they die they wake up”    

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