Why Australia Started a Program to Kill 10,000 Camels?

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Thousands of camels in South Australia will be shot dead from helicopters as a result of extreme heat and drought. On the first day of the five-day program, around 1500 camels had already been killed.

The five-day program to kill camels has been launched in the south of Australia. There are about twenty-three local tribes in the area. Camels are being killed by shooting from helicopter.

Famine continues in the south of Australia, and large numbers of camels have arrived near local villages in search of water and food. According to officials, it could affect water supply lines and infrastructure for the local population. According to the local APY Land Executive Committee, this is the reason why up to ten thousand camels have been approved to be killed. The Environment Agency is also providing assistance in the death of camels and in this regard, the help of aerial landmarks or aerial snipers.

About 1,500 camels have already been killed on the first day, APYLands general manager Richard King told news agency DPA in January 2020.

Due to the intense heat and drought in the area, the problems of the region have increased and the camels go in search of water. A spokeswoman for the South Australia Environment Department said, “In some cases, water bodies have been contaminated by dead animals and some cultural sites have also been affected.”

Camels are not native to Australia. They were brought here in the mid-nineteenth century. Now the most wild camels in the world are found in Australia. They are estimated to be about one million and are not owned by anyone.

The Australian Meteorological Department announced that 2019 was the hottest and driest year in Australian history. Camels are being killed in Australia at a time when wildfires in other parts of the country have burned ashore several million acres of forest. The forest fire has left at least 27 people dead and thousands of homes destroyed and over half a billion animals dead.