Why Being an Entrepreneur Is Important for Me?

By: Syed Huzaifa Ahmed

Having leadership skills deeply rooted in me, and unlike most of the people, I don’t like the reality of having someone lead me. I have always wanted to find an opportunity where I could have more control over any task or operation. I believe that becoming my own boss is the only way I can work effectively and happily.

The success stories of great entrepreneurs have been inspiring me so much that I have started to think that becoming an entrepreneur will allow me to generate a network with those who have already established their businesses. Seeing someone with nothing and growing to become a successful businessperson is enough for me to save up money to start my own businesses.

Moreover, I have always thought to run my own business. Be it on small scale. Running a business is also fun which would allow me to interact with all kinds of customers. Satisfying their needs will give me intrinsic rewards.

Similarly, the reality of working an average job from 9-5 doesn’t seem inspiring to me. I have started to think that in spite of getting employed, I have to do something that creates employment opportunities for others and want to directly contribute to reducing unemployment in the country. Lastly, I have been thinking to empower my partner and help her become a successful entrepreneur as well. For this reason, starting a small business and working together to become successful is the part of the plan. I want to see my partner as one of the greatest entrepreneur of our society.