Your body reflects what you eat

By: Beenish Altaf

Did you start your new year with a resolution to get healthier too? We have often heard that a healthy lifestyle and diet leads to a good life but since we have started to face this worldwide pandemic our lifestyle has surely been disturbed. Now, we all do have much more time for ourselves than ever but still did you ended up in gaining unwanted weight? This might be due to the immobilization or maybe due to the deals and discounts which have been provided by different restaurants to make our lock down less boring. There might be many reasons also but in the end what matters is the diet which we consume and how serious we are regarding our health.  

People like to enjoy a good meal with their friends and family. It will not be wrong to say that we have started to explore different restaurants and unique food dishes representing the different taste of its origin as our hobby. Maybe that is the reasons since we now have Mandi houses which represents their middle eastern taste, American burgers with their own unique sauce that surely is a treat for your taste buds. International food chains like Hardees, Baskin Robbins, Burger King and many others have started to target the food industry all over the world. On the other hand, Kunafeh, Waffles, Steaks along with many other tempting meals have successfully developed their importance and managed to find their place on menu cards. Apart from its mouthwatering taste and good reviews, have you ever thought about its bad side which is affecting our health silently?           

In this era, where humans are progressing in life with new technologies and inventions, there is no doubt that our lives have become much more vulnerable to different health diseases. Though, we have managed to find effective ways to order the delicious meals with quick delivery at our doorstep but at the same time we have increased risk factors due to our excessive calorie’s intake. Who will not want to avail discounts or have mid night deals? Unfortunately, they have distracted us from our balanced diet. Have you ever noticed that obesity has been a very common issue around us in our society? Well, if you haven’t then according to the statistics of 2019, around thirty nine percent of adults were overweight when it comes to world population.       

It is really important to take care of what you eat. Food acts like a fuel for our body which helps our body to function properly. Good fuel will lead to good functionality of our body and it will make sure that it remains healthy, bad one will decline our health. It can lead to diabetics, heart disease and make us to be dependent on various medicines. Moreover, these days where we are restricted to go out because of corona virus, we need to make sure that we take good care of our health. So, what do we need?

Fruits, the most important food which is essential for our body. The most amazing fact regarding fruits are that no matter how sweet it maybe they are naturally low in calories, fat, sugar and none of them have cholesterol. According to a survey, people who tends to eat fruits frequently are less likely to catch any kind of chronic diseases. They don’t like have their own unique tastes and benefits but they help you to prevent from having heart diseases, constipation and are great source for vitamin C. If you want to have healthy gums, teeth and wants to heel from wounds quickly than you need to make sure that your body does not have lack of Vitamin C. It also takes care of Folic acid of your body, which are very important for women of child bearing age.

When it comes to being healthy, you can not simple take vegetables out of the equation can you? Well, vegetables are very important for your growth and for the young ones too. Whether it is the everyone’s favorite a Potato or the most hated vegetable in the whole world, Broccoli, they both are equivalently significant for everyone. Broccoli contains more protein than a Steak, yeah you read that right. Eating Onion can help to reduce your risk of catching cancer while Brussels is packed with vitamins and minerals with zero calories. We all eat antibiotics when we feel ill, don’t we? Well, guess what, Garlic are considered to be natural antibiotics. Cauliflower helps to promote heart health and helps you to be healthy.   

It is really important that we must take care of our lifestyle and eating habits in order to remain healthy. Only with good health we will be able to enjoy the pleasures of life and we will be able to take care of ourselves and of loved ones too. We need to make sure that we do carry out exercise on daily basis at our homes and we have to make sure that we take our time for ourselves in this busy routine because health matters.