About Us

The Dayspring is Pakistan’s first Youth-Centric newspaper registered with Press Information Department, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Pakistan under SECTION 6 OF THE PRESS, NEWSPAPER,NEWS, AGENCIES  AND BOOK REGISTERATION ORDINANCE, 2002 (AMENDED) 2007. printed/published fortnightly from Islamabad, Pakistan and distributed among targeted hoi polloi and dignitaries across the country .

It is also certified platform by Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), Government of Pakistan that means it is having approved number of circulation of print copies required to get certification from the aforementioned department of the government.

It is a platform where voices of young people are given their due space. We aim to promote Youth (unprivileged and people who are making difference in the society specially for youth), and work in the areas of Entrepreneurship, ICT, Women rights, Health, Education, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rigthts, Deradicalization and above all a positive image of the country. We strongly believe that UN SDGs are vital for socioeconomic development.

The Dayspring also acts as a civil society organization which works on capacity building of young journalists/writers and change makers who can help change the society by inculcating pluralism, tolerance and optimism.

Contributors of any age exchange perspectives on events happening in their areas or community or issues that affect young people around the world, such as poverty,education or climate change.

Opinions expressed on The Dayspring (Print & Online) are those of the author alone and do not necessarily represent the views of The Dayspring. Articles are published in a spirit of dialogue, respect and understanding.