Muhammad Faheem Anwar Khan
Executive Director
Mr Muhammad Faheem Anwar Khan is having 35 years of experience in the field of journalism and is working as an Executive Director with The Dayspring.
Asim Nawaz Abbassi
Mr Asim Nawaz Abbassi is a social worker, writer, political activist and women's rights advocate, with an aim to give voice to young people he founded The Dayspring.
Maleeha Khan
Director Content Creation
Miss Maleeha Khan is a Columnist/Writer and Social Worker. She is working as a Director Content Creation with The Dayspring.
Fsahat Ul Hassan
Director Development
Mr Fsahat Ul Hasan is a Social Entrepreneur, Columnist/Writer and Human Rights Activist. He is presidential Youth award holder and currently working as a Director Development with The Dayspring.
Shay Arsalan
Entertainement Writer
Shay Arsalan is working as an Entertainment Writer with The Dayspring.
Ch Fahad Shahbaz Bhutta
Director PR & Communications
Mr Ch Fahad Shahbaz Bhutta is working as a Director PR & Communications with The Dayspring.
Ahsan Hamid Durrani
Director Editorial Board
Mr Ahsan Hamid Durrani is a prominent youth advocate and writer, he acts as a Director of Editorial Board at The Dayspring.
Ramal Abbas
Writer/Life Coach/ Youth Counselor
Miss Ramal is a UK Certified Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Career and Youth Counselor. She is also Expert in Advance Addiction Therapies. Working with The Dayspring as a Life Coach, Writer and Youth Counselor.
Chaudry Sarmad Shahbaz
Youth Correspondent

Chaudry Sarmad Shahbaz is a young journalist/writer and SDGs advocate, he works with The Dayspring as a Youth Correspondent

Maryam Farman
Director Marketing

Maryum Farman is an IT/SEO expert with a passion to work for Youth. She works with The Dayspring as a Technical Lead. 

Syed Shahzaib Haider
Special Correspondent/Columnist

Syed Shahzaib Haider is a young activist, he works with The Dayspring as a member of the editorial board and writer.