Addictive Online Games & Apps

Online games and apps are always fun but there are many online games and apps that are affecting youngsters mentally and physically. Many of such games and apps need to be banned.

Tiktok app is one of those apps which is destroying our young generation. Videos of dirty and semi-dressed clothes are also coming in TikTok. This app hypnotizes school children to make videos. As it takes a lot of time to make a single perfect video so valuable time is wasted.

Similarly, one of the most popular games Players Unknown Battle Ground(PUBG) is banned in many countries due to its adverse effects but is still not banned in Pakistan This game is extremely violent. Due to its addiction, youngsters are distracted from their studies and become less socially active. Physical health problems are also observed in youngsters nowadays due to less physical activities.

To overcome these issues, I suggest that sports must be promoted. Sports marks must also be included in annual report cards of school children. Sports will also help them in maintaining good physical and mental health.

Hafsa Channa, Karachi