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Afghanistan and the contemporary situation

BlogsAfghanistan and the contemporary situation
By: Neha Ali Dharejo

Afghanistan, which is called the graveyard of the empires, is still maintaining its historic influence and is still proving that no foreign authority can decide her fate.

Ever since, the Anglo-afghan wars where the Afghanis fought for their sovereignty against the British, followed by the great game, which was between the Soviet Union and British India. And then to the cold war, between the USA and the Soviet Union.

 Even though the superpower, The USA, after spending almost two decades in Afghanistan, started withdrawing her forces as a consequence of the Afghan peace deals. No doubt, Pakistan’s efforts in promoting peace in the region are worth appreciating. However, Afghanistan, neglecting the genuine struggle of Pakistan in expanding the peace, blaming Pakistan for her internal destructions and chaos.

Ever since the independence of Pakistan, Afghanistan became the first country to oppose Pakistan in the UN. And yet Pakistan tries her sincere efforts to promote peace in the region.

In fact, when the proxy war between the two superpowers took place, Pakistan stands with Afghanistan and provided all the aid and assistant. Many refugees of Afghanistan taking shelter inside Pakistan. Even, Afghanistan has been using the Pakistani borders for her trade purpose without having been paying tax.

Afghanistan should have acknowledged her destiny is connected with Pakistan down the road. In retrospect, the blunders- 9/11, WTC bombing in 1993, Madrid train bombing in 2001, and more, had been made by terrorist groups, had not only deteriorated the conditions in their own country but also made the whole Muslim community forbear the stamp of terrorist. In the aftermath of the 9/11 accident, Islamophobia is spreading like a wildfire in the west.

Now, the US army is supposed to depart from Afghanistan by Aug 31. Taliban seem to be taken control of the country. Presently, they have been taken control of a vast part of the country. Taliban should have to learn the lessons from their 1996-2001 rule and anticipates a better future; moreover, the politicians and government of the country realize that accusing Pakistan of their drawbacks is not a viable option towards their thriving. For a better future, they should adopt a stable Afghan policy. Otherwise, their dream of taking Afghanistan towards development becomes only a pipe dream and the chances of returning past chaos can be more likely. By working in collaboration with Pakistan and other neighbors, Afghanistan can not only ameliorate the peace in the region but also works towards a delightful future.

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