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Agency21 International changing the Landscape of Pakistani Real Estate Sector

The traditional real estate sector of Pakistan is going through tough times, we see every realtor complaining about the market and depressing comments from businessmen associated with this sector are so common. According to experts the problem, to some extent may lie with the overall market, country’s economy and government policies but to them; not adopting the modern ways of doing business, not involving technology and sticking to the traditional ways of doing business are topmost reason among many others.

The real estate sector of Pakistan has enormous potential to grow and attract local and foreign investments if the new soul is put into this business. Agency21 International is a new addition to the real estate business of Pakistan with all the new shape and advance practices that are changing the landscape of real estate business in Pakistan, we had a chance to meet Director of Agency 21 International, Mr Sharjeel Ehmer, who is optimistic and enthusiastic about changing the real estate sector of Pakistan.

Telling about the idea and methodology of Agency21 International he tells as;

With an idea of making a brand in the realty sector, Agency21 International was founded in 2016 and have been changing the way sellers and buyers perceive the market in Pakistan and people are adopting this new trend. Agency21 International took the initiative of bringing a new and positive image of the property agents and the sales executives. Agents working with this organization are properly groomed with an excellent educational background creates a new trend and example for the other real estate companies of Pakistan. This organization has created a good impression by hiring a workforce that has extensive knowledge about the product and is well known for the economic factors and the future trends of the market.

Sharjeel told that most of the staff is young who gets their proper training on real estate industry and Agency21 ensure that entire transaction process is made visible to the client on their dedicated portal and is on a mission to introduce well-groomed, educated sales agents with a positive and neat background in the market that is building up the confidence in the customers and is keen to be working in Pakistan as a proper brand in the market by using latest technology from the digital world with personalized service, professionalism, along with precision and perfection in accomplishing its goals, are the hallmarks of this organization that makes it a class apart from the ordinary. The organization is working with a proper market survey by examining both saturated and organic market to get a grip on the investment pockets especially in the twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi). This international real estate brand is a great motivation for the other real estate companies and is representing the positive image of real estate in Pakistan. Agency21 International has made transparent transactions possible with no under table dealings with the clients. Everything during the deal is documented and recorded. It replaced the traditional workforce with the literate workforce and has created jobs for the educated people in this field and has also provided equivalent employment opportunities for male and female both.

The Director Sharjeel A. Ehmer who has played his vital role in the implementation of the tagline “Changing the image of real estate” and is making this statement practical. Answering a question about how to tackle and change the bad name associated with this industry, Sharjeel said that we are closely working with government authorities to get records of the properties so that our client is not worried about the hectic litigation checking process. “We are working on an advanced mobile application with all the features that can ease real estate client in buying and selling”, he added.

He said that Agency21 International does not believe in a conventional and typical office environment, the offices of Agency21 are differently designed with a very different environment of international standard. Leading TV channels have done a shoot for their dramas and movies in the head office of Agency21 International.

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