Bad condition of roads in Karachi

Letter to The Editor,

Roads are the most important part of any city as they act like blood vessels of any living thing. Current road conditions provide an estimate to the city developments and prosperity. Most of the roads in Karachi city are mined that has created a serious condition for intercity transport. It is causing frequent traffic jams and road accidents in Karachi city on a daily basis while some of the Karachiites have lost their lives or become disabled due to road accidents. Leakage of the drainage system and drinkable water supplies are the main reasons for damaging the roads beside the unsatisfactory workmanship off road construction and the use of low-grade material. The recent monsoon season has also contributed greatly to the destruction of roads. It is well-expressed fact that the people of Karachi pay a huge amount of motor vehicle tax. Hence it is the fundamental right of the citizens to have a better road to save their vehicles from road damages and minimize road accidents. This problem has now reached its extreme and consequently creating panic among citizens. I request that the concerned authorities mustlook into the matter seriously and must take some prompt and necessary actions to overcome the problem.

Rahmeen Urooj Zaidi, Karachi