Cabinet sworn in amid call for fresh polls

By: Asem Mustafa

ISLAMABAD: Thirty seven member cabinet of PM Shehbaz Sharif took the oath to serve the state with total honesty and commitment and all the members of the Pakistan Democratic Alliance in one way or the other were awarded.

Thirty-one federal ministers and three ministers of state took the oath. Shehbaz has also appointed three advisers, taking the total strength of the cabinet to 37 members.

Aun Chaudhery has been tasked to serve as an adviser to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif earlier he was enjoying the same post in former prime minister Imran Khan’s tenure.

A number of things are happening on the political front with foremost the representatives of the federation namely governors and chief ministers still in a melee with Punjab Provincial Assembly providing a show for viewers.

Prime Minister on the other hand showed his drive for work in reaching office early and visiting the near completion projects carried out by the previous government namely Metro Islamabad which starts from Peshawar Mor Sector G-9 to New Airport.

After taking the office the announcement of ten per cent increase in pension and salaries was taken back when he was briefed about the economic situation of the funds available while at the same time Miftah Ismail who heads Finance Ministry has also opined the views of ‘tough times ahead’.

The subsidy given on fuel by the previous government is likely to be taken off by the current government and there is possibility that new fuel prices will be announced soon.

It is worth mentioning Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to Diamer Bhasha Dam has a little historical background. International Monetary Fund refused money for the project to which former Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Saqib Nisar vowed to be custodian for generating funds for the dam. The dam is built with the contribution of the people of Pakistan and has been given blessing by the entire nation. The dam in the past was a sore point for previous regime as all the work was done with publicity but incumbent Prime Minister after seeing the magnitude of the project and its utility gave direction for its early completion.

It is still early to say as how political turmoil is going to settle down as there is no opposition in the house while the government still has many sore spots which needs deliberations both in court and out of court.

The ruling alliance has voices of dissent calling for fresh polls so that the nation could choose the real representatives as the pulse of the public is throbbing otherwise.

It is pertinent to note that the ruling elite believes and act above the law and when they are ousted from power the tales of corruption are made public for the masses for maligning the image of the politician.

The article that exists in the constitution of Pakistan dealing with floor crossing and members changing loyalties for petty gains is very vague. It is time that this will be cleared once and for all and the turncoat politicians will be taken to task who switch sides with the cash flow.
The accountability process added with parliamentarians who face serious criminal allegations should be routed out forever and let nation take its course towards progress and prosperity.